To My Sister,

I still remember the first memory of yours, you standing in front of the mirror and putting lipstick on your lips. Since then, I’ve always seen you look so beautiful, taking care of every little detail which I could never think of. Asking for your advice on buying clothes till date, giving you some for your writings has always been our thing. I still remember how we used to fight so much and then when you left for two years how I missed you like I missed a part of me. I have seen you change and grow so much, and all for good- From being the cute two-pleats-school- girl to the big college going one to, getting married and being a perfect wife and daughter and now the epitome of motherhood. I recall the days when we lived our childhood to the fullest, watching our brother grow older together like our own kid, sitting on the backseat of our ambassador and watching trees and mountains run behind, dancing in the rains and listening to the scoldings together, trying mumma’s sarees and makeup late night when everyone slept, listening to the latest English songs on the VCD player (coz that was the swag those days), pretending to be your student while playing teacher’s play, pulling each other’s hair while fighting and then complaining together, learning from your mistakes for my first times of everything and finding the best excuses to get saved from the rebukes- I’ve lived it all with you and trust me when I say, I couldn’t have survived all this if it wasn’t you. I cannot imagine or even begin to think about how my life would have been if you weren’t there. You’ve always been like the second mother, best friend and brother, all together at the same times. Some day, when we’d be toothless, sitting in our homes, in the balconies, sipping our green coffees, I would call you and ask you “remember when…. ?” and then we both would laugh over all these memories and thousands of more yet to be created and with a long sigh of relief I’d say
” Thank you for everything – my childhood, my teenage that somehow got balanced because of you, my adulthood that got saved because of your advices and more than that thank you for your companionship through all my ages. I love you”


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